How to Get your Download Manuals

After payment has been completed at Paypal, There will be a link that say's back to Digital Manuals ("my Paypal account name")
Click on that link, and it will take you back to the HOMEPAGE of our Site.
You will see the  Order #... Has Been Processed on the Screen!
Then you will find Downloads link below so click on that next.

see images below!

It will take you to the Account Downloads, and on the right side you will see the Cloud Button.

Click on that Cloud Button and wait until it's finished downloading your manual.
Remind: if you ordered more than one manual, then click each Cloud Button one at a time.
Some of the manuals are quite large, so I suggest that you either change the power setting of your computer so it doesn't go to sleep or just browse the internet while it is downloading.

If you have any problems, don't worry as you have 5 attempts so just try it again.

Please Note: Not all manuals are in the Auto Delivery System, If you have problems downloading please be patient, I will email your download link to you as soon as possible. Also please check your spam folder if you did not receive in your Inbox, sometimes it goes there because of the link of them.

Another Option and Simple way!

If you are lazy for long story here is the Shortcut, or if you are busy and would like to just download it later.
We automatically send an email to your Email Address that you used when making your account after the Payment Process with the Order# including order details.
(please check your spam folder if you did not get it in your inbox)

In that email there is this link below,

Click that link and it will take to you to the Download Page and you will find the Cloud Button there, just click it.

Wait until the Download is Finished.

After that, Cheers! your Done and Success..Congrats!

Some Worry Questions from Customers

Why won't my Digital/ E-Book open and display correctly?

This is a rare problem, and the solutions are simple.

First, you may be trying to open the E-Manual/E-Book with your word processing program. It will not work! You need to open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full Adobe Acrobat program.

Second, if you have an ancient or old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, an E-Manual/E-Book still won't open properly. You need to replace the old Reader with a newer version.

The good news is that Acrobat Reader is free from the Adobe website. Go to this page link

Be sure to delete your old version of Acrobat Reader before you get the new one. It's the regular Acrobat Reader you want, not the one called Acrobat E-Book Reader.

The bad news is that the download can take as long as an hour, depending on your Internet connection. But it can happen in the background as you do other work on your computer.

Once you have an Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher, all Manuals/E-Books, and any other PDF documents will open and read just fine.

My Digital/ E-Book didn’t download. What should I do?

Please don't panic! Nothing works perfectly all the time on the internet. Sometimes customers bungle their e-mail address or download code (it's smart to copy and paste the code to prevent typing errors). Sometimes there is a firewall or (rarely) a browser incompatibility.

Send an e-mail to our technical support department to let us know the E-Book didn't download. In the message, briefly explain what happened. Be sure to include the name of the E-book.

As soon as we read your message, we'll issue another download code or e-mail the E-book as an attached PDF document. This is a manual operation so can only happen during weekday office 

iPhone and iPad users:

This download is in zip format and requires additional software to access. WinZip is a free utility which can accomplish this.
Sometimes these are large files and it is normal for Safari to display a blank page during the loading process.
This may take a minute or two, please be patient.
Once the download is complete, Safari will display the option to open the pdf file in Winzip or other associated application(s) you may have.

Download and more information here