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Miscellaneous Aircraft Manuals

Miscellaneous Aircraft Shop Service Repair and Parts Manuals

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Allison V-1710 F Type Engines Handbook of Operation and Maintenance 1943

This 136 pages in illustrated Handbook of Operation and Maintenance in Pdf Download for the Allison V-1710 F Type Engine, ALD-3-F2 3rd. Edition April 1, 1943. CONTENTS BELOW:SECTION I- INTRODUCTI..


Douglas A-26 Invader Pilot Training Manual

This 142 pages illustrated Pilot Training Manual in Pdf Download for the Douglas A-26 Invader.Contents below:ForewordGeneral DescriptionCapacities and LubricationsEnginesElectrical SystemFive Con..


Holley Model H Aircraft Carburetor Shop Repair Manual 1943

This 95 pages in Pdf Download Manual dated 1943 for the Holley Carburetors used on many of the Airplanes of the WW2 era covers 11 slide film presentation in print, with over 800 individual photos it c..

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