This 38 pages illustrated Parts Catalog in Pdf Download for the 1945 Lycoming O-435-1 and O-435-11 Aircraft Engines AN 01-15BA-4.

This publication replaces AN 02-15BA-4 dated 25 August 1944.


  • I- Introduction
  • II- Group Assembly Parts List
  • Crankcase Assembly-Machining
  • Tappet Assembly-Valve
  • Crankshaft Assembly
  • Camshaft Assembly
  • Rod Assembly-Connecting
  • Piston Assembly
  • Cylinder and Head Assembly
  • Rocker Assembly-Valve
  • Rod Assembly-Push
  • Tube Assembly-Cylinder Head Oil Drain
  • Housing Assembly-Accessory
  • Gear and Tube Assembly- Tachometer
  • Cover and Adapter Assembly- Tachometer
  • Cover Assembly and Body Assembly-Oil Pump
  • Gear Assembly-Generator Driven
  • Sump Assembly-Oil
  • Screen Assembly-Oil Suction
  • Screen Assembly-Oil Pressure
  • Gage Assembly-Oil Level
  • Battle Assembly- Cylinder Right Front
  • Battle Assembly-Cylinder Left Front
  • Baffle Assembly-Intercylinder
  • Baffle Assembly-Vertical Front
  • Baffle Assembly-Cylinder Right Rear
  • Baffle Assembly-Cylinder Left Rear
  • Battle Assembly-Vertical Rear
  • Baffle Assembly-Horizontal Right
  • Baffle Assembly-Horizontal Left
  • Coupling Assembly-Magneto
  • Shielding Assembly- Radio Ignition
  • Line Assembly-Priming No.3 Cylinder
  • Line Assembly-Priming No.4 Cylinder
  • Line Assembly-Priming No.5 Cylinder
  • Line Assembly-Priming No.6 Cylinder
  • Line Assembly-Priming Intermediate
  • Parts Shipped Loose
  • Shipping Parts
  • III- Numerical Parts List
  • Standard Size Parts
  • Oversize and Undersize Parts
  • IV- Standard Parts List
  • Army-Navy Standards
  • Army Air Forces Standards
  • Lycoming Standards

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Lycoming O-435-1 and O-435-11 Aircraft Engines Parts Manual 1945

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